Miss Saigon (10th performance).

With Christmas over for another year it’s Boxing Day today (26th December 2017), and I’m back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for another performance of Miss Saigon. I arrived early here today to take advantage of the weather changes throughout the day, with the morning dry and bright I managed to indulge myself in another of my pastimes, walking around the Bay, taking photos.

I find I can relax more than ever with a simple, but effective long walk, before the trip back to work tomorrow. To improve the situation even more I get to watch a fabulous musical in the evening to go with it.

Miss Saigon is such an impressive show, full of action, a fabulous score and scenes to die for (literally). One of the most impressive sights is the sheer size of the set, lighting and sound rigs. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the stage used to its full potential for a touring production. The sound system is also phenomenal, with speakers on every level, producing superb sound quality throughout the auditorium, the helicopter noises are so realistic and actually appear to be moving across the theatre to a distant specification. The lighting also needs to be mentioned, with enough scope to mimic explosions, fireworks, the movement of helicopter rotor blades and many other features.

If you add together the size of the set, the impressive sound system and the magnificent lighting, you have a truly amazing workplace for these talented actors and actresses to really put on a fabulous show, which makes me want to come back again and again for even more performances.

Talking about the cast, for tonight’s show we have the personnel in place as per the program, with the role of Kim played by Sooha Kim. Yet again the show was excellent, it just gets better and better, ten shows down the line and I’m still in tears for most of it, even when I know what’s coming up.

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