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Judgement day.

Saturday 28th April 2018, today I’ve no show, but i’m with my son Andy and Hannah, visiting the Principality stadium in Cardiff city centre for ‘Judgement day’, superb rugby between the four great rugby regions of Wales.

Wow what a fabulous day we had, plenty of food, booze, and great friendship from all we had the pleasure of meeting. It’s so great to go out with my kids and their respective partners to witness life’s great adventures at first hand. I’ve forgotten how much I love my kids, and actually spending the time to get to know them and their loves as well. This day has been a brilliant chance for me to get back to the days of old and embrace my love of what means the most to me, and that is the happiness of my and my children.

Shrek the Musical (number 21).

Sunday 22nd April 2018, I’m back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for a rare Sunday Matinee, this week its ‘Shrek the Musical’, on it’s last day in the Capital before moving venues. I always like to catch the last show at the centre if possible and have done so on many occasions during my theatre visiting history, over the past 5 years or so.

For this afternoon performance we have Steffan Harri alongside Amelia Lily in the title roles, with Samuel Holmes and Marcus Ayton as Farquaad and Donkey respectively. I’ve mentioned before how brilliant Lucinda Shaw is as the voice of the Dragon, I also need to praise Jemma Revell as Gingy, so impressed with her voice too, as Gingy happens to be one of my favourite characters in the show. I remember how brilliant Nikki Bentley was in the role on the last tour, she is now wowing audiences as standby Elphaba in Wicked uk tour, we may even see Jemma doing the same in the next few years.

Yet another impressive performance from a talented cast of actors, it’s gone so quick these past two weeks, it’s amazing to have the chance to watch this show so many times over these two tours, and especially at the best theatre in the world, according to me anyway.

Shrek the Musical (number 19 and 20)

Saturday 21st April 2018, another glorious weekend in the making, so I’m back in Cardiff Bay to watch two performances of one of my favourite shows, ‘Shrek the Musical’, at the Millennium Centre. As you can see from the title, I’ve seen this show a few times over two tours, I never get bored watching it, the show is perfect for kids and adults combined. Both of my sons have now seen this, having grown up watching and loving the film, and I’m happy to announce they thought it was really good.

Today I get the opportunity to watch another actress playing the role of Fiona. Last week I got to see Laura Main, this week is the turn of Amelia Lily as the feisty Princess. Both were just brilliant, and may I say, have excellent singing voices to go with it. I also have the chance to watch Stefan Harri playing Shrek, again another lead with a great voice. (last week it was Micheal Carolan in the lead role). I have to commend the alternative cast members who are brilliant at what they do, as they add a different perspective to the part they play.

so many great things I love about this musical. Some amazing songs and music powerfully sung throughout, especially the Dragon scene (superb voice), the end of act one with ‘Who I’d be’ and also ‘Freak Flag’ in act two. The scenery, lighting and special effects also add to the spectacle that this show offers, to everyone in the auditorium. The comedy aspects of the show are also impressive, with most of the laughs arising from Lord Farquaad and his scenes. This spell in Cardiff has gone so quickly, with the final performance on Sunday, before the tour moves on.

Shrek the musical.

Saturday 14th April 2018, back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay on this glorious sunny day (finally), for a performance of the utterly brilliant ‘Shrek the Musical’. Tonight’s show will actually be my 18th in all, over two tours, with a new cast to go with it. This happens to be one of my favourite musicals, although I love everything I see, but there are a few that stand out for making me feel so good about myself, this is one of them. It’s so funny with fabulous songs, you walk out of the theatre with a huge smile and feeling contentment throughout your whole self (if that makes sense to anyone but me).

The cast for today’s show consists of Michael Carolan as Shrek, with Laura Main as Princess Fiona, Samuel Holmes as Farquaad, Marcus Ayton playing Donkey and Joseph Dockree as Pinocchio. I must say the voice of the Dragon (Lucinda Shaw) was absolutely outstanding, as Candace was on the last tour. If I’m honest all the cast were again just brilliant,as usual. Another surprise was just how good was the voice of Laura Main, having watched call the midwife for so many years, I never realised she could sing, but was I really proved wrong with an excellent performance tonight.

Another favourite role in this show tonight would be that of Lord Farquaad (Samuel Holmes), he is hilarious, with great songs and quirky dance routines to aid him and his ensemble in supplying the big laughs throughout the show. Talking of the ensemble, who I mention on every occasion I can, were superb again, they perform every day with such precision and rarely get a mention, so it’s up to me to sing their praises.

On my birthday weekend I’ve had such a great day, watching one of my favourite musicals along with my son (Andy) his Girlfriend (Hannah) and my Mum (Hilary).

Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella.

Saturday 7th April 2018, and after a really difficult week in work, I’m back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for two performances of Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella. Another milestone for me this weekend, is tonight’s show will be my 450th performance of a show. For the record I’ve only seen 161 shows, but seen those 450 times (365 of those at the Centre), so another special day today.

For today’s matinee Cordelia Braithwaite will be playing the role of Cinderella, a beautiful dancer with so much grace and elegance, throw in the brilliant Liam Mower as the Angel and Dominic North playing the Pilot and you have the perfect trio for such a fabulous performance. Again the whole Ensemble just blew me away, the dancing was just impeccable, combining fabulously with the Prokofiev music at the heart of the show.

For the evening show (my 450th) we have Ashley Shaw as Cinderella, Andrew Monaghan as the pilot with Paris Fitzpatrick as the Angel. Once again the dancing from Ashley is spectacular (as with Cordelia in the matinee), enormously impressed with both leading ladies. The standard of dance from both shows was outstanding, and a fabulous opportunity to watch them today, before they head off to Liverpool.

The set, lighting and sound effects were excellent, probably Matthew’s greatest Ballet to date, so moving, and bringing a classic up to date with a Second World War theme was a stroke of genius, that only he could possibly get away with. I also love the costumes for this production, just adds that 1940’s hit of reality to this show.This really perked up a bad few days for me, bringing my Saturday to an amazing end.