Shrek the Musical (number 19 and 20)

Saturday 21st April 2018, another glorious weekend in the making, so I’m back in Cardiff Bay to watch two performances of one of my favourite shows, ‘Shrek the Musical’, at the Millennium Centre. As you can see from the title, I’ve seen this show a few times over two tours, I never get bored watching it, the show is perfect for kids and adults combined. Both of my sons have now seen this, having grown up watching and loving the film, and I’m happy to announce they thought it was really good.

Today I get the opportunity to watch another actress playing the role of Fiona. Last week I got to see Laura Main, this week is the turn of Amelia Lily as the feisty Princess. Both were just brilliant, and may I say, have excellent singing voices to go with it. I also have the chance to watch Stefan Harri playing Shrek, again another lead with a great voice. (last week it was Micheal Carolan in the lead role). I have to commend the alternative cast members who are brilliant at what they do, as they add a different perspective to the part they play.

so many great things I love about this musical. Some amazing songs and music powerfully sung throughout, especially the Dragon scene (superb voice), the end of act one with ‘Who I’d be’ and also ‘Freak Flag’ in act two. The scenery, lighting and special effects also add to the spectacle that this show offers, to everyone in the auditorium. The comedy aspects of the show are also impressive, with most of the laughs arising from Lord Farquaad and his scenes. This spell in Cardiff has gone so quickly, with the final performance on Sunday, before the tour moves on.

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