Monthly Archives: May 2018

The last Ship.

Saturday 19th May 2018, another glorious day, so I’m back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for Two productions of ‘The last Ship’, with music for the show written by Sting. I’ve heard good reviews for this musical, really looking forward to watching its last two performances at the Centre before it carries on with its UK Tour.

This show has been a complete surprise, thoroughly enjoyed it. The singing was just superb, fabulous voices and harmonies to die for. A huge set with fantastic graphics and images all over. Richard Fleeshman as Gideon Fletcher and Frances McNamee playing Meg Dawson are just brilliant, shining bright like the sun in the daytime sky, very impressed with these two individuals. Bring in Penelope Woodman playing Peggy White (Matinee performance), who has a stunning singing voice, and you have the makings of a great show with these alone. Joe McGann and Katie Moore (playing Jackie White and Ellen Dawson respectively) also impressed enormously, again fabulous singing voices. In fact some of the harmonies with multiple singers involved were enough to reduce me to tears, as they were so beautiful to listen to.

The influence of the music and lyrics from Sting were eminent throughout, played to perfection from the onstage band, and sang brilliantly from the entire cast (as I think I may have mentioned already).

A great storyline as well, with so many changing scenes, motivating the entire show, captivating the audience at every opportunity. A few tears in the second act, but I’m used to that now, I’d probably cry at Pepper Pig shows if I ever went to see one.

I have to say that for a new musical this could go a long way given the chance. For me it was superb, one to watch again and again, and luckily for me I get to watch the evening performance as well.

The Shires (supported by Sinead Burgess).

Monday 14th May 2018, another extended weekend for me, with no show on Saturday, I’m heading for St David’s Hall in the City centre, for an evening of superb music with one of my favourite bands of the moment, ‘The Shires’. As usual I’m in Cardiff early for a walk around the bay, with camera, on this beautiful sunny day making the most of my extra day off. I’ve now seen ‘The Shires’ three times in the past few years, I love the style of music they write, bringing British Country music into the limelight, along with another of my favourite bands, Ward Thomas, both bands are superb, with their live sets a must see.

Tonight’s support artist is Sinead Burgess, a singer/songwriter from Australia. A very talented individual with a superb voice. Every song she sang was just so beautiful, so impressed by her half hour set, would definitely like to hear more. One for Bob Harris Country in the near future, maybe even do a recording session on his show. I’d like to hear that if it ever came about.

The Shires were totally awesome tonight, they get better everytime I hear them. Ben and Chrissie have superb individual voices which are also phenomenal when they team up, which is the case for most of their songs. Tonight’s was the best I’ve seen, the more albums they record, the more fantastic material they have to offer. The lighting for the show was also something to behold, along with an excellent band backing them up. In all a fabulous evenings entertainment, and the best thing as well, I get to hear them again this week on Bob Harris Country on Thursday at its new time of 8pm on Radio 2. Can’t wait for The Shires to come back to Cardiff once more.

Titanic the Musical.

Saturday 5th May 2018, yet again another glorious and sunny day here in Cardiff Bay, and another visit to the most impressive Millennium Centre, for two performances of ‘Titanic the Musical’. Another musical I have yet to see, although reading a few of the recent reviews, I’m really looking forward to watching this production.

From the start of this amazing show I couldn’t believe what I was watching and listening to. I honestly never imagined just how beautiful this production was. The music combined with the amazing on stage voices was just phenomenal, I think I had tears in my eyes on every song throughout. So emotional from the very start, within minutes you felt for everyone boarding that doomed ship, and got to know them in a very short space of time. The writers of this musical really pulled out all the stops in this fantastic show.

The cast in this production are so good, I’ve mentioned how good the voices are, with so many different singing ranges to choose, from all the team players. Also so many great scenes to take in throughout the show, meeting the main characters at the start, to the way the different classes of people were treated, and (for me) a beautiful ending, so tastefully done, with more stunning singing to close the show. Above all this musical really surprised me as it was just so brilliant from start to finish.