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Jersey Boys (2nd Performance).

Saturday 26th January 2019, back in Cardiff Bay at the Millennium Centre for the final performance of ‘Jersey Boys’ at this venue before it moves on. Absolutely love this musical, so much superb music and classic songs, all squished into a two and a half extravaganza.

The story of the rise of ‘Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons’ is fascinating to watch, as they weren’t exactly angels growing up, although the musical has shared its time with more of the great music they produced, adding in snippets of their private lives without inundating the audience with too much detail on their outside lives. A well balanced show in other words. I also love the way the individual band members have their say on what happens next, on their rise to the ‘Hall of Fame’.

The CD of the show is excellent and worth a listen to, but as with all others, watching the show live on stage gives it more impetus and fills in the bits between songs. A musical that can be watched again and again as it just gets better with each viewing.

Yet again another fabulous performance tonight, can’t believe it’s over already, still I’ve managed to have the opportunity to watch a great musical at a great theatre. Totally love this show, looking forward to the next tour already.

Jersey Boys.

Saturday 19th January 2019, and another musical comes to the Millennium Centre here in Cardiff Bay, tonight see’s the return of ‘Jersey Boys’ for a couple of weeks.

Featuring the fabulous music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, which just happens to be one of my favourite bands of all time, this musical is packed full of classic songs, performed by a great cast. I particularly love the build up to ‘Sherry’ with the Piano intro before the guys get into this classic song. Along with Sherry comes another of my all time favourite pieces of music, ‘December 63’ which is high up in my all time top 50, and happens to be sung brilliantly by this talented cast.

With the superb on stage band playing their instruments live to accompany the cast singers really adds to the feel of this Musical, making it more autobiographical, as the boys go through their history as everyday people and musical artists.

Michael Watson who plays Frankie Valli has a tremendous voice and sounds so much like the great man himself, if you closed your eyes you would swear he was in the room.

Fabulous show again tonight, they just keep coming and getting better every time

Matilda (6th Performance).

Saturday 12th January 2019, back for the final performance of ‘Matilda’ as it finishes its run at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, before heading for its next venue.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching this incredible show over the lead up to Christmas and the New Year. Another musical to add to my growing repertoire of shows seen at Theatres over the last six years.

The all important cast line up for this final show in Cardiff can be seen in the caption below.

There are so many amazing scenes during this magical production, that keep you enthralled from start to finish, but there is one part of one scene that gets me every time. It’s when Miss Honey attempts to get some advanced books for Matilda to look at, it lasts about 20 seconds but it’s so beautiful it makes the whole show come together. Matilda gives Miss Honey a massive hug, Miss Honey’s response is so beautiful, her voice just becomes so tender and heart warming. It’s another piece that has to be seen in the auditorium, for me it’s a game changer, a moment of sheer brilliance and magic. Another piece of pure brilliance is the ending, again so beautifully done and extremely heart warming, a second touch of brilliance at the end of each act.

Once more another fabulous performance from all the cast tonight, a fitting end to the production in Cardiff before its move to Plymouth for the next stage of its UK Tour.

Matilda (5th Performance).

Saturday 5th January 2019, my first show performance of the new year, back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for my fifth showing of ‘Matilda’.

My last blog concentrated on the music and songs of Act One, today I’d like to look at the music and songs from Act Two. Starting with ‘Telly’, sung by Mr Wormwood and his Son, an audience oriented piece which is funny and quirky and leads us into the start of Act Two, and one of the best songs in the show.

‘When I Grow Up’ is a fabulous piece sung by the Ensemble casts, ending with a short duet between Matilda and Miss Honey. Visually impressive and beautifully sung by all involved and getting the second half of the show off to a great start.

Next up is ‘I’m Here’, a duet sung by Matilda and aided by the voice of the Escapologist. Another superb song highlighting the voice of Matilda as she sings side by side with her duetting partner. This leads nicely on to the best song that Miss Trunchbull has the pleasure to sing.

‘The Smell of Rebellion’ is yet another piece of music superbly written and visually impressive to watch. The lyrics speed up as the song moves on, giving the actor playing the role some tongue twisting dialogue. The song changes in mid flow, giving a serene and relaxing experience to an energetic song, before hitting a crescendo towards the end. This has to be seen live to give the music and lyrics it’s worth to the show.

The scene moves quickly on to include another beautifully sung piece of music, which happens to be another of my favourites in this musical. ‘Quiet’ is a solo piece that Matilda has to sing while Miss Trunchbull is on the warpath. Yet again we hear the beautiful and innocent voice of Matilda sweeping through the Auditorium.

We then get onto my favourite song in the show, ‘My House’, another beautiful piece of music sung by Miss Honey. Her voice on this track is just exquisite, I must admit to a few falling tears when I listen to this.

The final song if Act Two is ‘Revolting Children’, Sung by the Children’s Ensemble to start and followed up by the adults to end it. Another fantastic piece in the show as they finally get rid of Miss Trunchbull, and the pupils celebrate.

The show ends with a reprise of ‘When I Grow Up’, as the whole cast take their bows, with an enormous cheer as Matilda takes to the stage, and so well deserved.