Jersey Boys (2nd Performance).

Saturday 26th January 2019, back in Cardiff Bay at the Millennium Centre for the final performance of ‘Jersey Boys’ at this venue before it moves on. Absolutely love this musical, so much superb music and classic songs, all squished into a two and a half extravaganza.

The story of the rise of ‘Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons’ is fascinating to watch, as they weren’t exactly angels growing up, although the musical has shared its time with more of the great music they produced, adding in snippets of their private lives without inundating the audience with too much detail on their outside lives. A well balanced show in other words. I also love the way the individual band members have their say on what happens next, on their rise to the ‘Hall of Fame’.

The CD of the show is excellent and worth a listen to, but as with all others, watching the show live on stage gives it more impetus and fills in the bits between songs. A musical that can be watched again and again as it just gets better with each viewing.

Yet again another fabulous performance tonight, can’t believe it’s over already, still I’ve managed to have the opportunity to watch a great musical at a great theatre. Totally love this show, looking forward to the next tour already.

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