Brendan Cole – Showman.

Sunday 3rd March 2019, after loads of volunteering at the Millennium Centre, I’m back in Cardiff Bay for the evening to watch the brilliant ‘Brendan Cole’. It’s amazing to sit and watch these professional dancers in action, live on stage, the speed of movement and gracefulness they accomplish, as they glide over the floor, is a sheer delight to watch.

Joined by a brilliant live Band on stage, and a Violinist for the first time in the superb Brigitta Bognar, with band leader Barry Robinson, along with two fabulous vocalists in Iain Mackenzie and Jenna Lee James. Great to see a local school girl choir taking the stage to join this impressive cast.

The Dancing was excellent, the music and singing were totally incredible, a superb array of costumes for all the dancers, just made an incredible spectacle, which Brendan always delivers on the many occasions I’ve seen his shows.

The stage was huge with brilliant sound and lighting rigs dotted around. In all a fantastic night, enjoyed totally from a very enthusiastic audience.

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