Three days at home. Day 2.

Today is Sunday 12th April 2020, and the start of day 2 of my three days at home venture. I must admit to waking up in a really good mood this morning (most Sundays are the worst day of the week for me), I actually have plans for staying in. First off, a bit of breakfast to set me up for a marathon Harry Potter watch, where I will try and cram in as many films as I can today, aiming to start the first film about 9.30 and see how the day goes from there.

It’s now 4.30 and just about to start the fourth film, the goblet of fire, doing well so far, still not having the urge to even want to go out again today, Harry is helping loads, also catching up with the films I haven’t seen for ages.

7.30 having a few beers with dinner and one more Harry Potter before bed tonight. Five have been watched by me over the day so far. Really has made the day go quite quickly, and I’ve still kept up that feel good feeling I’ve had all weekend. Day 2 has come and gone, and still haven’t been out of the house, one more to go before I’m back in work.

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