Wicked (30th all time performance).

Sunday 4th November 2018, back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for another performance of ‘Wicked’. Only one show today but a chance to watch on a Sunday for a change. I do wish that a few more productions would perform on these days instead of Monday, make a nice weekend of things and an opportunity for more people to visit the theatre. A bit controversial probably but it seems a waste of a weekend in my opinion.

Anyway enough of my point of view and onto the show. The cast for today comprises the following, Amy Ross comes back in to play Elphaba with Charli Baptie continuing as Glinda. Also Benjamin Yates continues as Fiyaro, while all other cast members are the same as yesterday’s list.

Yet again another fabulous show, Charli was exceptional once again as Glinda (I’ve seen her three times now) and it was fabulous to watch the superb Amy Ross as Elphaba once again, (haven’t seen her in the role since Bristol), amazing characterisation and a stunning voice to go with it. It’s great to be able to watch the different actresses take on the character they portray. So many good things arise from watching this brilliant musical, which seems to make me keep wanting to see it multiple times. A short blog today as I’ve got loads more opportunities to talk Wicked in the next few weeks, before the end of the run in late November.

1 thought on “Wicked (30th all time performance).

  1. Wicked (seen 4 times).

    My 1st visit to Wicked was 12 years ago on Broadway. I was 12. All I remember was that I was with my mom. My favorite song was “Popular”. I wish I had more memories. The impact clearly shows- the impact was HUGE. The show changed me for the better.

    The 2nd visit was on tour in Charlotte- I think it was 2008 (the 2nd year- not quite sure): I know was better than the 1st. I don’t remember seeing it the 2nd time.

    The 3rd visit was on tour in Charlotte- Date with dad. I went for my dad since he still had not seen it. I wanted him to experience the magic that was Wicked. Well, this time was better than the 2nd.

    The 4th visit was on tour in Charlotte- I went with Gardner Webb University. I signed up through Student Activities. This actually was the cast I remember the most. I had Mary Kate Morrissey (standby Elphaba), Amanda Jane Copper (Glinda), and Ashley Parker Angel (Fiyero)- all three excellent. As guessed, this was better than the 3rd. I was the most vulnerable and emotional this time around. The show has matured a lot over the years.


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