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An Officer and a Gentleman.

Saturday 30th June 2018, after a 6 week break with no shows, I’m finally back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay, for two performances of ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Again this is one of those times where I never really took much notice of the film, in fact, I cannot even remember watching said film, so this is a new experience for me, and another show to add to my growing tally of theatrical entertainment.Firstly can I just say ‘Oh My god’ what a fantastic musical, I never expected anything like this, just superb from start to finish. The cast for today’s performances bring another set of new names to enthuse over. Once again superb singing from all the cast including Emma Williams, Jonny Fines, Ian Mcintosh ,Jessica Daley and Keisha Atwell, I love the way the production team have changed the iconic 80’s songs in the show, to match up with the scenes, and just how well the cast come up with superb renditions of each song.

As they sang ”I want to know what love is’, which just happens to be one of my all time favourites, I just had tears in my eyes, the same could be said for ‘Alone’ in act two, another one of my favourite 80’s songs, with the same outcome. Another song that took my heart was ‘Family man’ sung brilliantly by Ian Mcintosh. Every number in that show was sung just superbly, I couldn’t fault any of it, and wouldn’t want to. Even songs I never liked when sung by the original artists, I totally loved with this cast singing them, and for me that’s a major success for any given show. The vocal talent we have in the UK is just awesome, we get to see new singers every week who totally blow us all away.

The finale had me as well, sadness and happiness in the space of a few minutes and the whole cast joining in with with ‘Up where we Belong’ to enormous cheers from a full, gratified audience.

I was so impressed with the whole make up of this wonderful musical extravaganza, watching it twice is even better, the Orchestra in the pit really helped with some wonderful renditions of great songs, musically they were incredible, another I would watch over and over even on future tours. I’m so glad to be back watching brilliant shows at a fabulous theatre, I never want to leave it so long between performances again, six weeks is way too long.