Miss Saigon (11th and 12th performances).

Saturday 30th December 2017, and the last few shows of the year, brings me back to Cardiff Bay and the magnificent Millenium Centre for two more performances of Miss Saigon. With so many good shows throughout the year, it’s been amazing for me to have the opportunity to watch most of them in the comfort of a theatre so close to home.

The role of Kim today will be sung by Joreen Bautista this afternoon and Sooha Kim for the evening performance. Watching both shows in a day gives me the opportunity to see both girls in action, and just to say how brilliant both of them are, with such fabulous voices, it’s wonderful to listen to these girls play a fantastic part to go with it,as I’ve mentioned throughout the run so far.

On the occasion that I watch multiple performances, which is most shows, I have to mention the part the Ensemble play in each of these fabulous musicals. Miss Saigon has a host of musical numbers that the Ensemble come into play and I must say this cast are exceptional at what they do. With some wonderful voices ringing out over this incredible auditorium, along with some fabulously choreographed scenes throughout, they are worth their weight in gold. Most of them are used as understudies to the main cast, and in my history of watching most shows they give an incredible performance to supplement the occasion. With such a big cast they all work so well together on stage, to give each performance extra sheen. I always attempt to give the Ensemble a write up for most shows I watch, without them there would be no show. Again both shows today were out of this world, just brilliant.

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