Miss Saigon (9th performance).

Saturday 23rd December 2017, and after my exceptionally brilliant 5th Anniversary day on Thursday, it’s back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for another performance of Miss Saigon to lead into Christmas. The last few blogs have mentioned all of my favourite songs in Act one, which there are so many. I’m going to continue today with a few more, this time from Act two, and again there are so many excellent pieces to choose from.

The act starts with a real tear jerker in ‘Bui Doi’ sung by the superb voice of Ryan O’Gorman with back up from the Male Ensemble, every time I hear this it brings a tear to my eye, no matter how many performances I see, it happens to be one of my two top favourite songs in the whole show. As the show moves on we see the rejuvenated Engineer in Bangkok with ‘what a waste’, yet another brilliant song and a scene so full of activity, it adds to the spectacle of this incredible musical. The scene moves to another beautiful song from Kim and John with ‘To much for one heart’, a total change from the previous one, but wonderfully sung and yet again a few more tears to add to the collection.

The Wow factor carries on with a spectacular scene for ‘Kim’s Nightmare’, a massive section of the show with the entire cast, some incredible singing from everyone taking part, this has to be seen to believed. As the scene changes again we move on to the second of my top favourite songs in the show, Kim and Ellen start off with ‘Room 317’ a really emotional piece before Ellen has a solo called ‘Maybe’, an incredible song, full of emotion and beautifully sung, it’s this song that, for me is the best song in the show, and has me in tears every time. This is followed ‘ The Confrontation’ yet another fabulous song from Ellen and Chris.

The final song in my favourite selection is ‘An American Dream’ sung by the Engineer and the Ensemble, an upbeat dream of a song, with loads of visual references to go with it. This leads to the end of the show, which is yet another tearfest in its own right, with some superb music through to the shows climax.

I’ve been lucky to see both Kim’s in recent performances, and lately had the opportunity to see Emily Beth Harrington in the role of Ellen, as with Zoe Doano their singing voices have been superb, making ‘Maybe’ the stand out song of this fabulous musical.

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