Legally Blonde.

Saturday 25th November 2017, coming to the end of my show weekend with the first of two musicals today. Firstly I’m at the New Theatre in Cardiff for ‘Legally Blond’, which happens to be my 150th single show, another milestone in my watching career. With an all star cast including the brilliant Lucie Jones, along with Bill Ward and Rita Simmonds.Looking forward to watching this show, it has that feel good aura surrounding the production, and the Brilliant Lucie Jones should definitely bring that to the show. Looking at the show programme I see a few other names from previous shows with Liam Doyle (Fiyaro in Wicked), Mark Peachey (Mamma Mia and Lion King), I always look to see how other stars I’ve seen before, appear on other shows, it’s nice to see them back in different roles.

So to the show and a cast change with Lucyelle Cliffe as Paulette. Really fabulous first act, so colourful, funny and great singing from the cast. The costumes are excellent, really colourful and full of life itself. I have to say that Lucie Jones as Elle is absolutely fabulous, spectacular voice, and so full of beans, an amazing talent. I can’t say enough about this girl, she was fabulous as Maureen in Rent, and just incredible with this. Lucie made this show so amazing to watch, that’s the biggest accolade I can give, and she thoroughly deserves it.

Again the production team have assembled a really good cast, so many good aspects, good dance routines from the ensemble, really impressed with the end result. I loved the court scenes in the second act, so funny and fabulously choreographed. I felt like getting up and dancing along with them. Brilliant just brilliant. A massive thumbs up to the whole cast as well, just Superb.

The show is another one of those musical extravaganza’s you just have to see, it makes you feel so warm and happy inside, a little bit like Hairspray or Mamma Mia, wouldn’t mind seeing it again on its next tour.

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