Tiger Bay (7th performance).

Part of my long weekend of watching musical extravaganza’s, with another visit to Cardiff Bay and the Millenium Centre, for more of the absolutely brilliant Tiger Bay – the Musical. It’s Friday 24th November 2017, and a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a long walk around the Bay, another pastime I really enjoy, listening to some of my favourite songs on my playlists, just having a ball of a day so far, also taking in the stunning views, before tonight’s show.

Continuing on today with the music and songs for this amazing show. Act two now comes into focus, and again, this is full of wonderful pieces. We begin with the opening sequence and a reminder of the story so far. Moving onto the child cast performing the Rigging Class, I must say these kids are so talented and just add momentum to a scintillating score. Moving onto ‘Someone Else’ another beautiful song by Rowena and Themba, these two (Vicki and Dom) have such fantastic voices. The next scene is one of my favourite parts of the show, as Ianto and the Marquess (Louise or Ruby sing with the legendary John Owen Jones) continue with ‘My name is John’, a brilliant song with a touch of comedy to it and a twist built in as well. Another point on the subject, as I’ve said before the two girls who play Ianto, Ruby Llewelyn and Louise Harvey are brilliant, such young local talent, so much confidence, really impressed with both girls.

As the plot moves on with Ianto and the Marquess heading out into the bay, the scene changes again to Morgan’s Shop where we hear the iconic song of the show. Every musical has one and this is probably going to be the one to define this show. Sung amazingly, brilliantly in fact,by Vicki Bebb, ‘Who I Am’ is the song of the show. Every time I hear this song I have tears in my eyes, it’s so beautifully sung and brings a huge cheer from the audience. It also showcases the magnificent voice Vicki has, I could never get bored listening to this magical piece of music.

The show moves on again, with the ensemble taking over, giving us more great songs that ring out around the auditorium, until we move to another beautifully sung piece of music, ‘Taste of Home’, again the credit goes to Vicki and Dom for this fabulous song. This leads us to the finale scenes, with more superb songs and another twist in the plot heading our way. The whole cast just keep singing throughout the final scenes, with John Owen Jones adding his incredible vocal talent to the fray. I have to mention one more song sung by Klondike Ellie (Busisiwe Ngejane) ‘Just like all of you’, is yet another superb song, and with Busisiwe’s stunning voice we have a fabulous ending to an incredible show. As I’ve said before the whole cast are exceptional, with every member having such fabulous voices, that’s why this show is so good.

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