Tiger Bay (8th performance).

Saturday 25th November 2017, and for my second show this at back to the Millenium Centre was n Cardiff Bay for my 8th and final performance of Tiger Bay – the Musical. I’m really going to miss this excellent show, with so much amazing talent on offer, it was a privilege to have seen this 8 times, I could have seen this many more times, and really hope that the Centre can get this brilliant production out on the road for a UK tour in the not to distant future.

Tonight’s last performance was amazing yet again, a tearfest at the end, with two weeks of sheer brilliance, I have to mention the orchestra, who have been magnificent throughout, under the Baton of David Mahoney. The cast have also been magnificent, with the show getting better on every performance. I have to say we have found two stars for the future in Ruby Llewelyn and Louise Harvey, who were just magnificent. The lead cast and ensemble were phenomenal, as they always have been and as I’ve said before, so much talent on offer, to make this show really special. For me it has been just brilliant.

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