Tiger Bay – the Musical (2nd performance).

Friday 17th November 2017, another day off work enabling me to attend another performance of the brilliant ‘Tiger Bay musical’. I was so impressed with yesterday’s show, blown away in fact, so today I’m here in Cardiff Bay really early in anticipation of another fabulous days entertainment. As I have a bit more time to talk today, I think I would like to talk more about the superb voices on show for this excellent musical.

It’s really difficult to single actors out in this show, as all of the cast are brilliant, with so many strong, powerful and even beautiful voices lingering throughout this musical. Just listening to John Owen Jones, as the Marquess of Bute, is worth the admission money on its own, probably the best Male theatrical voice you will ever hear, with great support from Dom Hartley – Harris (Themba Sideko), who, in himself has another stunning voice, worthy of gracing any stage. Carrying on with great voices we have Noel Sullivan (Seamus O’Rourke) and Ian Virgo (Arwen Jenkins), impressive vocal talent from both, and if that’s not enough then Rhydian Marc, Zolani Shangase and Luvo Rasameni come along to bolster the ever growing array of talented singers.

I have to mention the two young girls playing Ianto last night was Louise Harvey tonight was Ruby Llewelyn, and I have to say just how brilliant both girls are in the role, great voices for kids so young. A real treat to listen to this wonderful talent.

You would think it would end there, but, as usual the Ensemble then add another layer of singing perfection to the show, with even more talented singers bursting out all over the place. Then the kids come out and play an absolute blinder, and that’s just the Male cast members, I haven’t even got to the Female members yet. That will probably be my next instalment of Tiger Bay.

Tonight’s show was again just superb. Sitting a bit higher in the auditorium tonight has given me a different view of proceedings. I have to say that second time around the show just gets better and better.

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