Tiger Bay (3rd and 4th performances).

Continuing my long weekend of watching theatrical shows, it’s Saturday 18th November 2017, back at Cardiff Bay for two more performances of Tiger Bay – the Musical, premiering at the magnificent Millenium Centre. Yesterday I spoke about the host of amazing voices on show in this musical, only getting as far as the Male cast, so in fairness I want to talk about the fabulous range of female voices.

I have to start with Vikki Bebb,extremely talented and a fantastic voice, such a pleasure to sit and listen to her belt out these songs in the best theatre in the world. I’d never heard Suzanne Packer singing before, but I was quite surprised just how good her voice was, and a real treat to know that a well know actor can actually sing, (reference to the abysmal Les Mis film with well known actors that could not sing). Moving onto Busisiwe Ngejane who plays Klondike Ellie, yet another beautiful voice, whose tones ring out over this magnificent auditorium.

As with yesterday and the Male contingent, the same things happen all over again, with even more fabulous voices heading our way, in the form of Zoe George, Lucy Elson and Elin Llwyd, with simply wonderful harmonies eminating from this trio. As usual it doesn’t end there, with Liz May Brice as the medium along with the remainder of the female members of the Ensemble, adding their vocal talents to proceedings.

Another brilliant aspect of this show is the casting of two local Welsh schoolgirls in the role of Ianto. Louise and Ruby just ooze talent, literally stealing the show at every opportunity. These youngsters will only get better and are at that age when shows like Matilda should show an interest.

I’ve heard a few reports that the music sounds like sections from other shows, (myself I can’t see that), so what, in the music world I’ve heard so many top artists nicking other peoples music and adding their own lyrics just to sell records. We never seem to complain about that, so why can’t we just leave this Superb show alone and just concentrate on the fact that it’s really good entertainment and has some of the most beautiful singing voices on offer, with every single cast member giving their all. I think we need to talk more about the positives on any given show than bringing up negative press, I think that’s why I love everything I see, I look for all the good things and disregard any not so good. There I’ve said it.

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