Tiger Bay – the Musical.

Thursday 16th November 2017, a few extra days off work this week, as a treat for myself. Today I’m watching a performance of the ‘Millenium Centre production of Tiger Bay the Musical’. Boasting a very impressive cast, including the legendary John Owen Jones, Noel Sullivan, Suzanne Packer, Vicki Bebb, Dom Hartley – Harris and Louise Harvey as Ianto. I’m so looking forward to tonight’s show immensely. The last Centre production of Only the Brave was amazing, and from what I’ve heard from staff around the venue, this may well be another brilliant show.

Yet again another fabulous show, I was so impressed with the immaculate singing throughout the performance, with every person involved singing with passion and commitment for the role they played. This musical just flowed from scene to scene with ease, I couldn’t keep my eyes off it, taking joy from every moment I could. I heard a few of the critics not giving this show a good write up. Are they kidding, were they actually watching the same show as me. Well don’t listen to those so called professionals, for me this musical had everything I could have wanted from a show. I cried in so many places, laughed and just had a fantastic time watching this superb show.

May I also say, that the development team at the Centre were awesome tonight, with a few pre and after show get together put on for the worthy supporters of this amazing venue, thank you to all the team involved tonight, and for making us feel so welcome, a massive round of applause to all of you.

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