The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

Saturday 6th May 2017, back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for two performances of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Another milestone for me today, as this will be my 100th blog, all about shows I’ve seen during the past year since my first ever blog (14th May 2016). This is another thing I love about the theatre, publishing my writings, in the hope that like minded people can share my thoughts, on what I love most about the brilliant shows I constantly see.

I love this play, it’s so well put together, so imaginative and just a complete joy to watch. I first saw this a few years ago on a previous tour, and totally blew my mind watching it. I saw it 4 times in the week it was here, and could have seen it a lot more. I’m lucky this time around to see it twice more, although, I have to say, a week in one venue isn’t long enough, two would be better, so I can watch it again and again, as usual I’m just being greedy now.

The show itself is phenomenal following the adventures of Christopher, a young boy with Asperger Syndrome, who finds a dead dog in his street, and sets out to find its Killer. The story moves progressively onwards and covers various themes in his life, his love of Mathematics, for example, followed by his epic search for his Mum in London. A very powerful performance from Sam Newton as Christopher, in the matinee show, had me in tears for most of the production, with brilliant back up from the rest of the cast. Lucianne McEvoy (Shobhan) plays a cracking part as Christopher’s calming influence, and Teacher. The roles of Christopher’s mum and dad are also brilliantly played by Emma Beattie and David Michaels, adding so much emotion to the play as it moves along at breathtaking speed. 

With giant screenes surrounding the whole production, and an incredible light show pinging around the stage,  this play just gets better and better as it goes on. Another fabulous aspect of the play is the timing involved throughout, as in act one we see Christopher building a train track at various stages, which comes to life at the end of the first act, leading to the interval. A well rehearsed, choreographed piece of theatre magic. I have to admit, that as usual, I never want it to finish. You get so carried away by the brilliance of the play, you never want it to end, with emotion and comedy mixed to perfection, spread throughout this two and a half hour play.

The evening performance has Scott Reid Playing the role of Christopher, giving us yet another powerful and emotive performance throughout. Again I’m so lucky to have been able to see both actors playing this role, and both giving such fabulous performances on the day. Even having the same tears in the same place for both shows. A truly magnificent days entertainment, with a play I will definitely be back to see again on its next uk tour.

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