Lucie Jones at Eurovision.

Saturday 13th May 2017 and tonight is the Eurovision final. I’m not really fond of this contest recently (can’t think why), but tonight is different with one of the best young musical theatre singers I have ever heard, the brilliant Lucie Jones sings live in Kiev. Having seen her 5 times in Rent at Cardiff, I know just how good she is. Everyone in the U.K. needs to get behind this fabulously talented actress/singer. So a massive good luck to Lucie for tonight’s show.

Also Lucie will be appearing in the final few weeks of the Rent UK tour, if you get the chance go and see it, its brilliant. I myself am looking forward to seeing her in Legally Blonde when it comes to Cardiff in November. If the producers of the Wicked UK Tour are reading this, then I think Lucie would make an excellent Elphaba, well that’s my opinion. So to finish off, a massive good luck to Lucie tonight, let’s hope it goes really well.

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