Sister Act (3rd and 4th performances).

The weekend is back upon us, it’s Saturday 29th April 2017, and I’m back at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay for the last two performances of Sister Act, before it moves onto another venue. Today will be the perfect opportunity to watch both leads. Alexandra Burke has been playing the evening performances with Joanna Francis taking over on the Matinee shows. I’ve already seen Alexandra twice, so it will be nice to watch a different actress with a different take on the role of Delores van Cartier.

For this afternoons performance Alice Stokoe will take over the role of Sister Mary Robert with the absolutely superb Sally Peerless returning to her role as Tina, also appearing in the Ensemble and playing her flute and sax to perfection, I really enjoyed all her performances I managed to see.

The talent on stage is amazing, with yet again, all the cast being totally fabulous. Joanna Francis is a brilliant Delores, and such a great stand in for Alexandra, keeping up the pace of the show, as if she has been doing it all year. Alice Stokoe is another actress with a fabulous voice, and being really new to the musical didn’t show at all, again, it looked like she had been there all along. All the leads in this production are so good, with a massive help from the Ensemble, really bringing the music and harmonies to life, from start to finish. I must admit to some tears falling at certain stages, mainly due to the incredible vocals in the show, (I must have mentioned that at least a hundred times already), but when a show can make you laugh, cry and say Wow in all its entirety, then that is the sign of a great show, in my eyes.

For the evening performance we have Alexandra Burke back as Delores,who was just brilliant, as usual. Again yet another fabulous show, two in the same day and both phenomenal performances, every person seems to put in so much into each and every show, making the audience love every minute. For me watching brilliant shows like this really helps and just makes the whole weekend come alive. 

One more thing before I end. April has been an incredible birthday month for me, with 18 performances of shows over the period. Dirty Dancing, Cirque Berserk, Rent, The Commitments, The Play that goes wrong, Sister Act and Caroline Sheen. Quite a lot to put in over 30 days. I loved every show I watched, but I have to say that Rent was just Brilliant, probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Caroline Sheen was Magnificent. Also Alexandra Burke and Sally Peerless from Sister Act have been immense on the performances I’ve seen so far. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to see Caroline Sheen, Christina Modestou and Lucie Jones, with backing from Andrew Hopkin (Piano) and Sally Peerless (Vocals and Sax), and a guest appearance from Alexandra Burke, appear in Ffresh Caberet bar for a few evenings, now that would be a classy evening’s entertainment. Although I think I may be dreaming a little bit, but you never know, stranger things have happened.

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