Sister Act (2nd performance).

Saturday 22nd April 2017, and would you believe it, I’m back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for my 2nd performance of Sister Act. This has been a phenomenal weekend for me, with the superb vocal talent of Caroline Sheen on Friday, (who I’m still raving about to anyone who will listen), a show I will never forget in my lifetime, have I mentioned just how brilliant Caroline’s show actually was, and that voice, fabulous absolutely fabulous. On to tonight and the vocal talents of Alexandra Burke and Sally Peerless, three superb vocalists in the space of two incredible days.

Sister Act is another ‘feel good’ show, with again some fabulous singing from a Fantastic cast. With most of the cast playing the instruments live on stage, the backstage band covers the times we don’t see the on stage musicians. The set is designed to maximise the space on the stage, with a balcony area for the musicians to assemble for the big numbers, along with a glamorous, party-like finale to the show, where all the stage areas are used to their full potential. 

So to tonight’s Performance, and as usual, the singing was outstanding, from all the cast. The scene where the Nuns enter, playing their instruments and singing horribly out of tune, bring laughs galore to the auditorium. Although it must be so hard to sing that badly when you know yourself, just how good you can sing. The music is definitely 70’s style, with that disco feel to the proceedings, and I must admit to loving the music of the late 70’s and early 80’s, so this is right up my street.

I have to mention Just how amazing Alexandra Burke and Sally Peerless were in tonight’s show. Both have beautiful voices and use them so well. If Caroline Sheen was also in the show, it would have been absolutely superb.

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