Caroline Sheen.

Friday 21st April 2017, another day off from work today, so a chance to visit the Millenium centre in Cardiff Bay, to watch Caroline Sheen live in Ffresh, a restaurant and cabaret venue based at the Centre. This is my first ever visit to this bar, as a music venue, so to prepare I’m going to watch Act one of Sister Act in the Donald Gordon Theatre, before venturing down to Ffresh for the rest of the evening’s entertainment.

Caroline is a Welsh actress and singer who has appeared in countless West End shows and touring productions in her career to date. She has a fabulous singing voice, having seen her a few times in various shows over the past few years. I have to say her role in the Centre’ s production of ‘Only the Brave’ was phenomenal. That was my first show I’d seen all 8 performances, and was probably one of the best musicals I have ever seen. 

To tonight’s performance by Caroline, Wow, what a voice she has. When your in a small room with a small audience and a piano you have to be good. Tonight Caroline’s voice was exceptional, a real pleasure to sit in a small delightful setting and listen to her belt out some fabulous tunes. One of my favourite songs ‘On my own’ from Les Mis had me in tears, with her rendition of the song, which was so beautifully sung, reminding me of my trip to Queens to watch this amazing musical, Caroline brought it all back tonight. Everything she sang sounded brilliant. Just so good to listen to, very impressed with the first act, beautiful is a word I use frequently in my blogs, and it definitely gets loads of mention’s tonight.

The whole show was amazing, Caroline just shone on every song she sung. Another of my favourite songs ended the show, a fabulous rendition of ‘Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins, again brought tears to my eyes, with her fabulous voice again just hitting the right spot. With help from her Pianist ‘Andrew Hopkin’ the night was totally brilliant for me, I would say to anyone reading his to go and see her in the Centre on Saturday, it’s well worth a visit to hear a fabulous Welsh musical singer, live in Cardiff. A tremendous night and one I will never forget in long time. 

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