Monday 3rd April 2017, a week off work to concentrate on the theatre and a few trips to the Millenium Centre, here in Cardiff Bay, for some performances of the iconic musical ‘Rent’. I have wanted to watch this show live for ages, ever since I watched a recording of the Broadway show on DVD a few years ago, so this week I finally get the opportunity To do just that.

The cast for the show consists of Billy Callum (Mark), Ross Hunter (Roger), Ryan O’Gorman (Tom), Jamar La’trail Parker (Benny), Layton Williams (Angel), Philippa Stefani (Mimi), Lucie Jones (Maureen) and Shanay Holmes (Joanne).  For tonight’s show Jenny   O’Leary played Joanne. They cover the main players, as I’m here a few times this week, I can mention the other members of the cast in a later blog, plenty of time to talk about everyone. 

Rent has some truly magnificent songs littered throughout the performance, and having played the cd a million times over, it’s just fabulous to listen and watch these guys perform. I must say it was well worth the wait, this was excellent, has to be one of the best shows I have ever seen, and for me that’s saying an awful lot, I’m really glad I booked a lot more shows for this week. 

With so much going on, the magnificence of the cast just shines through the whole performance, it went so quick, mainly because it was so good, with fabulous singing from all the cast. Really can’t wait to see it again. Hopefully i will have a lot more to talk about on my next visit to watch this wonderful show.

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