Cirque Berserk.

Saturday 1st April 2017, and so onto my second show of the day, and I’m back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for a performance of Cirque Berserk, a circus show made for the theatre, as promised in the programme.

The first act was very impressive, With Tumblers, a trio of Bolas dancers from Argentina. Mid air acrobats. An amazing group from Cuba using springboards and somersaults and bikers in the globe of death, along with a clown for filling in with some comic cuts. 

The second act also had loads of action to spare. The acts repeated themselves, but each got harder with loads of fire brought in to make the effect better. We had the added bonus of a knife thrower and a male high wire act to add to the proceedings. The finale was sensational, with the globe of death and 4 bikers circling at the same time, fabulous to watch. And so impressive.

This show offers something different to the usual activities seen on this stage, and it is nice to watch these from time to time. I must admit to having an amazing day today, with so much going on and two great shows to add to my growing list. 

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