Dirty Dancing.

Saturday 1st April 2017, today is going to be a brilliant day for me, with two different shows. Also it’s a glorious day, the sun is shining, and for the first time in ages I can feel the sun’s heat filtering through the whispy clouds. So first of all I’m at the New Theatre in Cardiff for the matinee performance of Dirty Dancing, an iconic musical, with classic songs littered throughout the show. The film was never really in my watch list, but the stage production, I saw a few years ago, greatly impressed me, so I need to see it again, on its return to Cardiff.  

The cast for this matinee has Katie Hartland as Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman with Carl James Wilson as Johnny Castle and Carlie Milner as Penny Johnson also the great voice of Trevor Michael Georges as Tito Suarez. The singing and dancing throughout this show are just superb, with special cameo performances from two fabulous singers in Michael Kent (Billy Kistecki) and Daniela Pobega (Elizabeth). Carlie and Carl are absolutely amazing as dance partners, with great help from the rest of the cast. Katie is perfect for the role of Baby, with great comic exchanges as she learns the dance in the first act. Really impressed with the whole performance. With a special mention to the onstage band,  who were so good, adding a great link between the taped and live music.

The original music for the show plays a vital role in this production, with songs I love including ‘Yes’, ‘Hungry Eyes’, ‘Overload’, ‘Hey Baby’ and of course ‘I’ve had the time of my life’, with loads of other amazing songs throughout the show, literally making your toes tap to the beat.

This has to be the best version of this musical I’ve seen so far, with a brilliant set and lighting rig, really using the space of the stage to its utmost. The final scene was just perfect, living up to all expectations. A perfect start to an amazing day.

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