Rent (2nd performance). 

Tuesday 4th April 2017, back at the Millenium Centre for my second performance of the fantastic musical that is ‘Rent’, and after last nights show, I really cannot wait go get back into that wonderful auditorium, for a second helping.

Carrying on from last nights blog I want to add just how brilliant the whole cast were, (I think I may have mentioned that yesterday). For me Lucie Jones was superb as Maureen, (I never really liked ‘Over the Moon, but seeing it live was just brilliant), with equal billing to Layton Williams as Angel, an amazing performance from both. Although, thinking on those lines, the quality of singing from all the other leads were also phenomenal. Billy (Mark), Ross (Roger), Ryan (Tom), Javar (Benny), Philippa (Mimi) and Jenny (Joanne) really stood up to the mark with such effortless ease, and stating the case for this brilliant musical. 

Another aspect of the music in the show is the wonderful solo voices for the start of act 2 and, of course the beautiful ‘Seasons of Love’, just listening to that song is amazing, but to watch the cast perform it live on stage is even better.

For tonight’s performance we have Christina Modestou playing the role of Maureen. Who also last night sang the solo role in ‘Seasons of Love’ and was brilliant. Tonight, I have to say she was amazing. With her and Lucie you have two fantastic Maureen’s. both of them work so well with Jenny (Joanne) who in herself is also brilliant. Such a fabulous evening’s entertainment, again I cannot wait until my next visit to see this superb show. 

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