The Red Shoes.

Saturday 18th March 2017, and after a two week break (although it felt like a year, with no show) I’m back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for two performances of Matthew Bourne’s The Red Shoes. I’m so looking forward to this, I’m a big fan of his work, having seen the last few touring shows at the Centre, which were totally brilliant. From the reviews I’ve seen for this I expect I’ll be thouroughly engrossed for both performances. The show has been nominated for two Olivier awards for its run at Sadlers Wells, so good luck for that too.

So impressed with this show, the cast were immense, the set and lighting were excellent, beautiful costumes enhanced the stage production and the music was superb. The whole show was just phenomenal. I couldn’t keep my eyes off the stage for even a split second. It was so graceful and beautiful I have to say I managed a few tears in various sections throughout the whole performance.

Ashley Shaw as Victoria Page and Chris Trenfield as Julian Craster are just magnificent, with Sam Archer as Boris Lermontov, Liam Mower as Ivan Boleslawsky and Anjali Mehra as Irina Boronskaja also dancing to perfection. During the group dances it was difficult to focus on one dancer,as everyone in the whole cast just put in tremendous performances, culminating at the end of act one with the totally entrancing Ballet of the Red Shoes. This was so beautifully choreographed it brought a tear to my eyes (as usual), mainly due to the fact I couldn’t stop watching Ashley (and Cordelia for the evening) with her magnificent dancing, costume and the wonderful Red Shoes. For me the highlight of the whole show.

A few changes for the evening performance with Cordelia Braithwaite as Victoria and Nicole Kabera as Irana. And may I say both of them were just superb, as you would expect. The performances today were both so graceful and beautiful at the same time, and I still had tears in my eyes for both.

Matthew Bourne has once again put on a fabulous show, my only complaint is that I wish it was longer. I could have sat and watched all day. I’m glad I have got the opportunity to watch it again this evening (thinking about it, I say this after every show). 

I’m now starting to enjoy all forms of live theatre, I’ve fallen in love with Opera, Ballet, plays and of course Musicals. I’m at the stage of my theatrical experience where I can now profess to wanting to watch everything I possibly can. With so many quality shows coming to Cardiff over the next few years, I’m so spoilt for choice. 

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