The wedding Singer.

Saturday 4th March 2017, and its back to Cardiff for two performances of the Wedding Singer, this time at the New Theatre in Cardiff City Centre. Another musical I have not seen before, not even the film version, so yet another new show to improve my theatrical viewing experience. 

This musical, set in the mid eighties has a great cast list, with the likes of Jon Robyns (Robbie Hart), Cassie Compton (Julia Sullivan), Ray Quinn (Glen Gulia), Ruth Maddox (Rosie) and Roxanne Pallett (Holly) to name a few, with a brilliant line up from the ensemble, who always perform at the highest level, whatever show you watch. Once again the voices on show today were incredible, Jon, Cassie and Roxanne, I have to say were just superb, but then again so was everyone else, it’s hard to name anyone that didn’t do justice to the show. 

Every scene had something to marvel at. So well put together and just great to watch, everything seemed to flow gracefully into the next, but as usual it all went to quick (for me that is), I found myself not wanting it to end, just wishing I could carry on watching all night.

As well as fabulous voices, I have to commend the choreography, with some great dance routines intermingled throughout the whole musical. A great score too, with songs I’ve never heard before, but with that fabulous 80’s themes, reminding me of my days growing up, and that brilliant music of the era. The band in the pit were excellent, and always deserve a mention whenever I get the chance. A light show to be proud of to go with it, again with that 80’s theme, when lights and the best dance music of any era ruled the disco scene.

A great mix of comedy, dancing and exceptional singing really makes this an excellent show. I didn’t think I would enjoy this as much as the others I’ve seen, but I have to say this was brilliant. I’m so glad I managed to see this twice, and as usual could have seen it more than that. (I think I’ve now said that last phrase for every single show I’ve seen, and long may that little nugget of information continue for a long while yet). 

It really makes the end of the week such a wonderful time for me, to be able to watch brilliant live shows at a local theatre, so close to home, (I think I may have mentioned this a few times before)  I just want to see everything while I’m able to. A truly brilliant musical which I will definitely be back to watch next time around.

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