Friday 24th March 2017, a day off from work, relaxing in Cardiff Bay, before my venture to the New Theatre to see the stage musical version of Evita. I managed to see the show on its last uk tour,  which moved me so much that I just have to watch it again, (probably be saying the same thing on its next tour).  Finally some decent weather to wander around the Capital, taking in the sights and a bit of shopping on the side, to go with it. Before settling down to an evening of high quality entertainment. 

To tonight’s performance I’m so looking forward to seeing Emma Hatton playing the lead role. I would have loved to have seen her ‘greened up’as Elphaba in wicked (my all time favourite show). Now I have an opportunity to see first hand just what an amazing singer she is. Along with Gian Marco Schiaretti as Che, Kevin Stephen Jones as Peron, Oscar Balmaseda as Magaldi and a special mention to Sarah O’Connor as Peron’s Mistress who has the chance to sing one of the best songs in the whole show, ‘Another suitcase in another hall, this is going to be a fabulous night. 

The singing is fabulous from all, with some really amazing voices echoing through the auditorium. Emma Hatton, what can I say, her portrayal of Eva was superb, with ‘Don’t cry for me Argentina’ a stand out song. Bringing Eva to life with a wonderful voice, as she has, really made my day. Such voice command at the end scenes brought tears to my eyes, so moving and so brilliant, all in one moment. 

A big mention as well to the Children who were part of the ensemble for the show. All members  of the Mark Jermin stage school. 

I’m back for another helping of this amazing production tomorrow, so I will probably mention the rest of the cast and just how good they were, at that time. Don’t want to write loads today and have nothing to talk about tomorrow.

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