Mamma Mia (7th performance).

Thursday 27th October 2016, well I made it back to Cardiff and to the Millenium Centre in time for tonight’s performance of Mamma Mia. What a day two brilliant shows really made this a special day off.

So on to tonight’s show and a few cast changes since my last visit,with Sara back as Donna and the understudy Sky, Bill and Sam, who were again incredible, never letting down the show on any way, which tells a story of its own. And that is what I’ve always said,that the ensemble and understudies are worth their weight in gold. 

The voices of the whole cast are again incredible, as usual, fabulous to listen to and even better to sing along to (to yourself of  course, wouldn’t want any unsuspecting theatre goer listening to my voice). The dance moves are so Crisp and vibrant, as usual, making viewing this musical a real treat as well as sounding great to go with it. This show just gets better every time I see it, which I’ve said all along, so no difference there then. 

A shorter blog today, but just to add a massive thank you to the staff at the Centre. I booked my ticket on the train coming back from Bristol, so arriving at the Centre at about 7ish, the staff on the ticket sales counter actually had my ticket ready for me. Now that’s what I call a really fantastic service, from the best theatre in Britain. Really capped an end to a wonderful day at the theatre.

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