Mamma Mia (8th and 9th performances).

Saturday 29th October 2016, The weekend has finally come around again. I’m back in the Capital for two more performances of the brilliant Mamma Mia at the Centre. It’s only a few days since I last saw this musical,but I really can’t wait to see it again. 

Today I’d like to talk about the lighting and the set for the production. Firstly when you look at the set it’s minimal, but in a good way, and it really works. The central theme being the Taverna owned by Donna. The walls move around the stage, creating some really good scenes. Allowing the set to be opened up for group dance routines, then closed up again for the more intimate phases of the show. The floor of the stage becomes the focal point, with a path leading from the wings to centre stage, that the whole show revolves around, as most of the actors enter on this path. At the end, as it lights up to see Sophie and Sky off stage. Along with a massive moon on the back wall, producing a stunning effect.

The lighting of the stage really goes a long way to adding to the set. A large lighted, blue frame surrounds the stage throughout, with colourful backboarding adding to the effect. It makes the white walls of the taverna stand out more on stage. The use of the on stage lighting works well, especially for the dream scene at the start of act two. From my vantage point today, you could see the effects that lighting has on this set. Really colourful, putting added emphasis to the scenes playing out before your eyes.

When you add the two together you actually get an impressive set creation, fit for this fantastic musical. I think it’s great to see this show so many times, as I get the chance to talk about different aspects, that don’t really figure in most blogs. Trying to vary the topic of conversation means there’s time to mention these items, which, above all are a major part in putting on a production, such as this.

For this show though, I don’t think it’s the set people really come to see. A great show has to have the music in the first place, followed by superb singing and fabulous dance routines when the need arises. Of course everyone knows and loves Abba’s back catalogue, which is really what the audience want, and above all else, exactly what they get. 

Today’s shows were again so good, fabulous singing and dancing,as usual. Just a treat to watch another two shows in one day. 

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