Billy Elliot (14th performance).

Thursday 27th October 2016, a change of venue and city today. I’m in Bristol at the Hippodrome to see another performance of the brilliant Billy Elliot – the musical. Spoilt for choice the next few weeks with Billy doing a run in Bristol and Mamma Mia in Cardiff until mid November. So Thursday day off work,Bristol bound,weekend at the centre, problem sorted.

Today’s matinee cast has Billy played by Lewis Smallman, Michael by Elliot Stiff, Debbie played by Italia Ross and the brilliant Small boy role by Isobelle Chalmers. Can’t wait to see Lewis again as Billy, met him and his family in Cardiff, a brilliant young star of the future.( As are all the Billy’s who perform with this show). Also can’t wait to watch the fabulous Annette McLaughlin as Mrs Wilkinson, another stand out performer amongst this truly amazing cast. This is yet another musical I adore, with this fabulous cast, it’s great to be able to just pop on a train and be able to see this again, so close to home. 

The first act alone made me cry as soon as The small boy walks through the auditorium and settles on the stage for the start of the show. So brilliant again to watch, brought back so many memories, even though it was only a few months ago, that I last saw this brilliant musical. The child actors just get better and better. Lewis was just phenomenal today, such a massive performance from such a young man. The ballet scene and electricity was just superb. Couldn’t fault the lad at all. The second act also reduces me to tears, with again so much going on, brilliant dance routines and just fabulous entertainment from start to finish.

The show just moves on so quickly now, that’s it’s over before you know it, making me want to see it again and again, as usual. So I’ve booked next Thursday off work and as things go to plan, will be back at the Hippodrome next week. 

As we speak I’m in the train back to Cardiff, hoping to see Mamma Mia tonight. Fingers crossed.

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