Mamma Mia (6th performance).

Sunday 23rd October 2016 at the Millenium centre in Cardiff, for part two of my weekend extravaganza, watching the brilliant Mamma Mia musical. So I’m talking about the superb music and singing on the show,getting on to act 2 today.

Act 2 begins with the band and the entracte, a medley of songs to get you in the mood, leading nicely into a remarkable dream sequence, ‘Under Attack’sung brilliantly by Sophie and the entire cast. Then comes two absolutely fantastic Abba songs with Donna singing ‘One of us’ which is so beautiful to listen to, bringing on a little tear, (Sara and Jenna sing it better than the original, which is a true testament as to how good these actress actually are). Leading nicely into ‘SoS’ again sung brilliantly by Donna and Sam. I have to say the three main Male leads have great voices, really adding to the feel of the whole show.

The scene changes for ‘Does you mother know’ with Tanya and the bridesmaids entertaining the young bar staff, with a great dance routine from Pepper, and a fabulous rendition of this song, providing a marvellous comic scene to savour. 

The next scenes really bring some long lasting tears to my eyes. Firstly Sam sings ‘Knowing me Knowing you’ to a bewildered Sophie. Again sung superbly, a treat to the eardrums. Then Harry enters the fray with another fabulous rendition of ‘Our Last Summer’, more tears after this.

The tears really start to flow when Donna helps Sophie get ready,with the most brilliant song the world has ever known,for a wedding. ‘Slipping through my fingers’ is perfectly sun by Donna (this is better than than the original, in my view), I don’t think I’ve cried this much for any song for ages. The tears don’t stop there, When Donna sings ‘The Winner takes it all’ to a motionless Sam. This is, for me, the best section of the musical, with the singing so so good. 

Approaching the finale now, with a fabulous comic routine from Bill and Rosie as we have ‘Take a chance on me’. As the wedding approaches and the three dads come together Sophie decides to postpone the weddding, so Sam asks Donna to marry him with the aptly titled ‘I do,I do,I do,’ sung by Donna, Sam and the whole company. Before Sophie finishes, with her beautiful sweet voice for a reprise of ‘I have a dream’.

That’s not the end of this show, as the finale really gets going with Three great songs sung by the whole cast. ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and ‘Waterloo’ end proceedings. With Donna Rosie, Tanya, Sam, Bill, and Harry on stage in amazing coloured platform boots and Lycra costumes. So good to watch and even better to listen to as the whole ensemble sing their hearts out at the end of this wonderfully colourful show.

Today’s show was fabulous again, just gets better and better every time I see it (as I also said the last time). Thouroughly engrossed, although now it’s going too quick, I want loads more, but will have to wait until next weekend for more. 

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