Mamma Mia (4th and 5th performances).

Saturday 22nd October 2016, back at the Millenium Centre for two more performances of the brilliant Mamma Mia musical, into the second week of its run in the Capital. I want to talk about about the music today, written by Bjorn and Benny during the seventies and early eighties, when Abba were at their peak. There is so much superb music and singing to mention I think I need to split this one up, so I’m concentrating on act 1 today. 

The show begins with the band and the overture giving us a sample of what’s to come. As the curtain rises we hear the beautiful, sweet voice of Sophie with ‘I have a dream’ followed by ‘Honey Honey’ with her friends Lisa and Ali, great song this and funny to go with it. As Donna enters the scene (today played superbly by Jenna Lee James) with Rosie and Tanya the pace increases with a wonderful rendition of ‘Money Money Money’. Moving on again the men enter the fray with another beautiful cover of ‘Thank you for the Music’ sung beautifully with Sophie.

‘Mamma Mia’is next up when Donna discovers Sam,Harry and Bill have arrived for the wedding, sung by Donna then later the men, we have yet another fabulous rendition of this amazing song. Continuing on this fast pace to ‘Chiquita’ with Rosie, Tanya and Donna bringing us a wonderfully comical routine. Moving on to the girls delivering a great version of ‘Dancing Queen’. 

Sky and Sophie then carry on the action with’lay all you Love on Me’ bringing on the male ensemble with a truly comical dance routine throughout the song. The boys rush off for the stag do, leaving the girls on stage for the hen night. Platform boots and Silver Lycra take over the stage as Donna,Rosie and Tanya brilliantly deliver ‘Super Trouper’ to a huge applause from an appreciative audience.

As act 1 closes Sam,Bill and Harry are caught in the hen night as they realise one of them maybe Sophie’s dad, bringing them into confrontation with Sophie herself. The female ensemble begin singing ‘Gimme,Gimme,Gimme’ before Sophie meets Bill, and sing one of my favourite songs of Abba’s ‘The name of the game’. Act  1 closes as the company belt out ‘Voulez Vous’ bringing down the curtain to a brilliant first act of singing and dancing excellence.  

There is so much great music,singing and dancing in the first act alone, just making this show so amazingly good.  I think this production is probably the best I’ve heard, I cry almost on every song, the singing is just brilliant by all the cast. After each performance I literally crave to watch it again and again. The two I have seen today are no exception, seemingly getting better on each viewing. Can’t wait for my next performance of this fabulous show. 

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