Mamma Mia (3rd performance).

Sunday 16th October 2016, back at the Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay for my third performance of this brilliant musical, Mamma Mia. Yet another show I’ve instantly fallen in love with, I could watch every single showing, if I had the chance, it’s just so uplifting, with amazing performances from all of the cast members.

Let’s talk about the male cast today. Sam Carmichael is played by Richard Standing. Bill Austin played by Christopher Hollis and Harry Bright played by Tim Walton. I have to say these guys are amazing, great acting and fabulous voices to go with it. Such a relief to know that they can actually sing,(unlike certain individuals in the film version), and sing brilliantly to go with it.

Sky,Pepper and Eddie (Phillip Ryan,Louis Stockil and Sam Robinson) are just awesome with again fabulous singing voices to go with it. Although I must mention Louis for some brilliant dance routines throughout the show, especially the scene with Tanya and the song ‘does your mother know’fabulous just fabulous.

Of course I have to mention the male members of the ensemble, as I did for the girls in my last blog, these guys were again so amazing with some fabulously funny and brilliant dance routines. They also never fail to amaze at every show. Couple the whole ensemble together and, as usual, they add immensely to the character and feeling the show generates. 

Today’s afternoon performance was again just superb. Really made a boring Sunday come to life. Even with a few cast changes with Jenna  Lee James playing Donna and Matthew Ronchetti playing Sam it never altered the show one bit. That’s how good they all are. Which proves a point that the ensemble and understudies are worth their weight in gold.  

A fabulous end to a brilliant weekend with three wonderful performances of a truly great musical. If anyone reads this you have to go and see this show, it’s brilliant.

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