Mamma Mia (1st and 2nd performance).

Another Saturday (15th October 2016) upon us and more shows to write about. This time Mamma Mia visits,with a five week run at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff. So looking forward to this fun, feel good musical, with its fabulous Abba score.

As this is my first visit of the run let me quickly run through the main female cast. Donna played by Sara Poyzer,Emma Clifford is Tanya with Jacqueline Braun playing Rosie.(Donna’s friends). Sophie is played by Lucy May Barker, with Ali and Lisa played respectively by Micha Richardson and Blaine Colangelo. (Sophie’s friends). I will get to the guys on another occasion, as I’m seeing this more than once, would you believe.

I have to say this show is absolutely amazing to watch. So many happy moments and sentimental scenes rolled into two and a half Hours of sheer bliss. Fabulous just fabulous.

The girls in the show are brilliant, Lucy’s voice is so sweet and beautiful, really setting the scene, as she opens both acts. Sara is just superb as Donna and WOW what an incredible voice she has, one minute belting out these timeless classics, the next reducing me to tears with one of my favourite Abba songs ‘Slipping through my fingers’. Tanya and Rosie add a little extra spice to proceedings, with some fabulous routines,and again great voices from both actresses. May I also say that Ali and Lisa also continue the fun aspect of the show, but have great voices to go with it.

The female ensemble contribute massively to the whole show,as is the case for every performance I have seen. They never get enough praise for their work, but I admire everyone of them,as they are the backbone of the whole show. I attempt to mention them on all of my blogs, for just being fantastic and irreplaceable. 

One of the advantages of seeing shows so many times is the different seating arrangement for the shows. I move around the auditorium and capture different aspects of each performance. This afternoon, I sat in one of the balconies, looking directly down into the pit.Watching this small but fantastic band going about their work to perfection, as usual. Also from my vantage point I can look back at this amazing theatre and observe the whole audience, packed to the rafters and really enjoying this show. Tonight I’m in the front of the circle, altering the way I watch the show, for a second time. I think this is another reason why I enjoy seeing the same show many times over.

Mamma Mia is just a fantastic musical, I would recommend this show to everyone and can’t wait to see it again. There’s so much to talk about, if I put it all in today this would go on and on for hours. So I will leave it there for today and carry on the next time with the male cast.

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