Wicked (42nd all time performance).

Sunday 18th November 2018, yet another opportunity to watch the brilliant ‘Wicked’ at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay.Today I would like to talk about the Sets and lighting for this incredible show. I always try and give these departments a mention on long runs. The work achieved back stage to produce these amazing scenes to an enthralled audience is something I’ve always admired, getting everything in place for each scene on every show is just phenomenal.

The set is so colourful and bright, and seems to go on forever with loads of different layouts intertwined through various scenes. Add in the fabulous lighting rigs, oh so colourful and Green, especially for the Emerald City scenes, and you have probably one of the best sets for any touring show you will ever see.

Every scene is something special whether it’s the brilliant lighting, the Fantastic sound effects or just the normal set design. Mix this in with the excellent songs, then this becomes yet another reason why I love this show so much

The cast for today’s performance can be seen on the caption below.

Once again for the umpteenth time, this matinee performance was phenomenal, with the entire cast on stage just brilliant.

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