Wicked (40th and 41st all time performances).

Saturday 17th November 2018, again I’m back at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay for another two more performances of ‘Wicked’. After yesterday’s blip I can now carry on where I left everything on my last blog. I want to finish my appraisal of the songs in the show, continuing with the others I’ve yet to mention, this time in act two.

Another fabulous song appears at the start of act two, with Glinda, Madam Morrible and the Ensemble giving us ‘Thank Goodness’, where there is a celebration to commemorate the engagement of Glinda the Fiyaro. The mix of great voices taking to the stage is quite powerful, the beautiful tones of Glinda, Madam Morrible (played brilliantly by Kim Ismay) with another really good voice for the Part and of course the magnificent Ensemble, who add so many gracious voices to the mix, and are just incredible from start to finish. The song itself is quite beautifully written and executed, with Glinda taking Centre Stage for the large majority, it is really a classic Wicked masterpiece and sets the show up for the rest of the second half.

One of the songs not on the Cd is ‘The Wicked Witch of the East’, another short song but once again beautifully sung by Nessarose (Played brilliantly by Emily Shaw), as Elphaba magics her shoes to enable Nessa to finally walk.

‘March of the Witchhunters’ is the next song to mention nearing the end of act two, where the Ensemble and Boc (another character played so well by Iddon Jones) come into their own. Quite a short song but enough detail and mix of excellent voices to give this piece of music another edge in the Wicked songbook.

The final song is the finale, as Glinda assumes power as the Wizard is forced out. The singing in this last hurrah is just superb from Glinda, Elphaba and the Ensemble. It is another short piece of music but fully justifies its role in the eventual end to the show.

I don’t actually think there is a bad song in the whole of this production, which is another good reason as to why I love it so much.

The cast for this afternoon performance can be seen in the caption below.

Slightly different cast list for the evening performance, which is shown below.

Again two fantastic shows with Helen Woolf (Glinda) teaming up with the two Amy’s (Ross and Webb) for a tremendous Saturday day out at the Theatre, superb.

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