War Horse.

Saturday 21st July 2018, another glorious weekend and a trip to the Theatre for two more performances of ‘ War Horse’, at the magnificent setting of the Millennium Centre in Cardiff Bay. Last week I talked about the production side along with the technical aspects of the show, today I’d like to look at the musical side to this drama, and the influence it has on this amazing play.

Most plays I’ve seen do not have a soundtrack as moving as this has. The opening sequence has a calming effect on proceedings with a beautiful piece of music set to represent the early morning before the fabulous voice of Bob Fox enters the fray, with his soothing Devonshire voice and accordion by his side, he almost narrates the story (in song) as the play moves along, the sequence then continues with the whole cast appearing on stage, joining in with the opening song, so superb to watch and brilliant to listen to. As the scenes progress the music links nicely to the scene it portrays, beautiful melodies as we see Joey and Albert bond over training and beyond.

Towards the end of act one, we see the mood of the music changes, from happy melodies to the brutal reality of war. Continuing in act two as the war progresses. Again superb pieces only this time more robust in nature depicting just how harrowing the First World War must have been for all those who were forced to participate in such violent years. The music adds so much tension to the war scenes, but the voice of Bob Fox appears throughout the act, seemingly calming everything down for a few moments before the intensity begins again, with loud explosions and gunfire filing the auditorium, the dramatic musical infill between these sections helps with the fluency if each scene, making it seem film like in it’s essence.

If you mix the fabulous music with the superb technical aspects of the show, you get a really amazing piece of theatrical magic happening on stage in front of your very eyes. Probably the best I’ve seen for a non musical production. Can’t wait to see it again, if I’m honest.

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