Brendan Cole – All Night Long.

Sunday 4th March 2018, another day in Cardiff Bay (weather problems again), and an unexpected treat tonight, with a visit to the Millenium Centre to watch Brendan Cole and his show ‘All night long’. So I get to watch one more in my mini break, which moves into day five. A really beautiful day today as well, with all that snow melting, well in Cardiff anyway.

Wow, what a superb selection of brilliant dancing from eight individuals. Brendan and his team are excellent, the speed, the teamwork and syncing together is just amazing, add that to the excellent band live on stage along with two fabulous singers in Iain and Jenna, and you have an absolutely gorgeous evening entertainment. The highlight being a Rhumba to gasp over, Jenna sang fields of gold so beautifully alongside Brendan and Faye dancing to perfection, I cried from the sheer beauty of it all, I’ll never forget that moment.

The whole night was just superb, I defy anyone to come out of that auditorium without a smirk plastered all over their faces. Brendan’s best show to date, although I must admit I’ve loved everything he’s done so far. The quality of singing, dancing musical choices just blew me away. One of the best nights I’ve ever had at a dance show, just wish it longer, went way to quickly. Look forward to next years show.

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