Sunset Boulevard.

Saturday 3rd March 2018, day four of my planned showfest, the last two days though have been pretty harrowing, with all shows in Cardiff cancelled due to this extreme weather hitting the UK pretty hard. Today we have some thawing finally so I get to go to the Millenium Centre to watch two productions of ‘Sunset Boulevard’The reviews for this musical read well, but to be in that auditorium listening to it live was worth the wait. I’ve always wanted to watch it since I heard the Glenn Close cd version, and if I dare say it, this was better. Danny Mac as Joe Gillis is superb and has a great voice for the part. Molly Lynch (Betty) is another with a great voice, so impressed with both. Then you add Ria Jones as Norma Desmond alongside Adam Pearce as Max. The voices again are stunning, Adam has got max down to a tee, stunning vocals, and a huge range to his singing talents, then we come to Ria Jones, and let me just say, the best Norma Desmond I’ve ever heard, (I’ve heard a few people sing her on cd), the sheer quality, every time she sang I cried with joy, and the best bit is I get to cry all over again in tonight’s instalment.

May I also mention the Ensemble cast, yet again these guys were exceptional in everything they set out to do, fabulous voices in their sets as well. I always stake a claim for the Ensemble, they are the just brilliant. As were the Orchestra in the pit, playing this wonderful Andrew Lloyd Webber music to perfection. Once again these two sets of players are superb, I’ve yet to hear anything bad from any touring company, everyone seems to be on top of their game, on every performance, and show I’ve seen over the last five years or so.

Two stunning performances from the cast today, makes my mini break worthwhile, although not quite how I’d planned it, but, as they say, there’s nothing you can do about the weather,it’s an uncontrollable factor, that we have to bare, see I knew counselling Would work for me in the long run.

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