Miss Saigon (5th and 6th performances).

Saturday 16th December 2017, finally to the weekend, the snow has gone and I’m back in Cardiff Bay for two more performances of the brilliant Miss Saigon at the equally brilliant Millenium Centre.

For the afternoon performance we have Joreen Bautista as Kim, with Barnaby Hughes as John. The Evening has Sooha Kim in the role of Kim.

Today I’d like to talk about some of my favourite songs in the show, which, for me, could take a while, as there are so many fabulous musical numbers written into this stage production. The show explodes into life with ‘The heat is on’ sung by this incredible cast, just to get you in the mood for things to come, followed by a beautiful piece of music ‘TheMovie in my mind’ sung by Gigi (Na-Young Jeon) and Kim (Joreen Bautista or Sooha Kim). I love this song it’s always beautifully sung and brings a tear to my eye. So does the next with ‘Why God Why’ from Chris (Ashley Gilmore), yet another with a fabulous voice, so impressed with the quality of the performers on show.

Moving on to the next of my favourites which happens to be in the next scene, ‘Sun and Moon’ is another beautiful, harmonious piece sung by Chris and Kim, before moving onto ‘The Wedding Ceremony’ later in the scene, sung by the girls along with Kim and Chris, and if that’s not enough the scene ends with ‘Last Night of the World’, a fabulous song sung again by Chris and Kim. So much great music and that’s only half way through the first act, which is based around Saigon in 1975.

I think I’ll leave it there for today, otherwise I’ll go on all night, so I will carry on with more great songs on a later blog, plenty of time to go in the run.

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