Miss Saigon (3rd and 4th performances).

After a rather hectic start to the morning with 4 inches of snow in Rhymney, I’ve finally made it to Cardiff Bay to watch two performances of Miss Saigon at the Millenium Centre. Really can’t wait to see this fabulous production again, it’s lavish, beautiful, full of amazing scenes, great music played by an incredible orchestra, with a host of truly magnificent singers throughout.

A few cast changes for the Matinee with Joreen Bautista as Kim, and Vinny Coyle playing Chris, again both actors are just brilliant in their respective roles. The show seems to grow in stature every time you watch. You think it can’t get better, then it surprises you, and suddenly it does get better. I’m really lucky in that I get to see it once more today, this time with Sooha Kim in the role of Kim, (who just happens to be brilliant as well).

With all the shows I watch I never seem to get bored, in fact the more I see them the more enthralled I get, even when I watch two in the same day. The theatre has a massive influence on myself at the moment, so much so I’m approaching my 5th anniversary of watching amazing shows, mostly at the best theatre in the world (The Millenium Centre in Cardiff Bay).

Today’s performances were again outstanding, so much passion put into each and every show. The scenes with Ellen, Chris and Kim in both acts really bring tears to my eyes, very powerful, tense drama. It’s also worth a visit just to watch Ryan O’Gorman and the Ensemble sing Bui Doi at the start of act two, again brilliantly sung and so powerful. A brilliant show worth watching again and again.

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