Grease (3rd and 4th performances)

Saturday 29th July 2017, back in the magnificent Cardiff Bay for two more performances of the hit Musical ‘Grease’. Getting here early has been a real bonus, as I’ve had the chance to walk around the bay, past the very impressive swimming pool and the white water rapids, crossing the walk bridge and along the Penarth side of the bay and the Marina, before heading back over the Barrage, to the Millenium Centre. A fabulous walk, with some stunning views of the whole area, making the perfect start to my ‘show day Saturday’.

Today’s first performance is at the slightly later time of 5pm with the evening performance starting at 8.30pm, which means another walk after lunch, this time around the ‘Wetlands area of the Bay’ and a few other places before show no 1. As well as watching brilliant theatrical shows and photography, my other pleasure in life is walking around this magnificent city of Cardiff and the Bay, really makes the whole day so special, every time I visit.

Getting back to the show and yet again I’m really impressed with how great this looks on stage, a superb opening, with all the cast singing the title song, (Grease, being one of my favourite songs from the whole show), from the middle of the stage, its Grease down to a tee. The singing and dancing as last week, was just sublime, with so much talent on show, the producers seem to find this endless stream of brilliant singers show after show. Not just Grease, but almost every show I get to see. As with last week, I totally adore the voice of Danielle Hope as Sandy, such an incredible talent and beautiful voice to go with it.

I’ve also seen two superb performances of Teen Angel, last week with an incredible performance from Landyll Gove, and this week with the ageless Jimmy Osmond, who, I must say, still has a superb voice. With both guys really hitting those high notes. Another amazing treat to see another big star here at the Centre.

The whole show has been brilliant from start To finish. Fabulous scenes made the show sparkle, the more you saw it, the better it got. Today has been so good, with two shows back to back, finishing off another fabulous Saturday in Theatreland. Grease is such a feelgood musical, you can’t help falling in love with this iconic show. I feel really privalaged to have seen this 4 times over the last two weeks, and probably would have seen it a lot more given the opportunity.

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