Grease (1st and 2nd performances).

Another weekend comes around, it’s Saturday 22nd July 2017, and I’m back at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay, for two performances of the hit musical ‘Grease’. I’m not a massive fan of the film, but I’ve seen the stage version before and found it a lot better than the film version, (although Olivia Newton John was practically perfect as Sandy).

I’m so looking forward to listening to Danielle Hope as Sandy. She is another really talented singer who has graced this Millenium Centre stage. Having last seen her in a touring production of ‘The Sound of Music’ playing Maria, she was just awesome, I would even go as far as saying her voice was just as good as Julie Andrews, maybe even better. 

The show is a happy, feel good musical, that gets everyone in the audience in a fabulous mood. The singing, from all the cast is once again phenomenal, so many superb voices ringing out over this amazing auditorium and the brilliant Danielle Hope leading from the front, with her incredible voice. 

Another stand out feature of this musical is the dancing, so well choreographed, it just wants to make you jump up and jive in your seat. Very accomplished routines done with precision, so crisp and sharp throughout, with all the cast getting in on the act. With exceptional music playing from the onstage band, your toes keep taping throughout.

I was also quite impressed with the set and lighting for the show. Very bright on the stage, with a great use of the spots to illuminate each section of the stage, at the times they were needed. I love the way they created ‘Greased Lightning ‘ (the car), a real crowd pleaser. Another section was the Teen Angel sequence, with great costumes, fabulous singing and so beautiful to watch on stage.

I didn’t think this show would turn out as good as it has, but I must say, can’t wait to see it again, just to make my day even better than it has been. Seeing it twice in one day was incredible as well. 

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