Funny Girl.

Saturday 8th July 2017, and after another long week at work, I’m back in Cardiff Bay for two performances of Funny Girl. Another musical I have yet to see, so once again I have no idea what to expect, although the reviews I’ve seen through various media sites have been very positive for this production. It’s also the perfect opportunity to watch Sheridan Smith playing the lead, everything she does seems to bring her fantastic reviews, and I must say say I have enjoyed watching her previous TV appearances, over the last few years. 

Yet again another fabulous afternoon and evening theatrical masterpiece. Sheridan Smith is just brilliant as Fanny Brice, a fabulous actress and a superb voice to go with her many wonderful attributes, it was a real privilege to sit and watch a world famous star appear on stage at the Millenium Centre. I cried twice, on both shows in the same place, especially her renditions of ‘People’ and ‘Don’t rain on my Parade’. Just brilliant to listen to, and so well sung.

Another actor who greatly impressed me was Tom Partridge as Nick Arnstein. Tom is the understudy for Darius Campbell in the role, and what a performance he gave. Another brilliant voice lighting up the auditorium. But don’t let me stop there, the whole cast were magnificent, with the ensemble giving us fabulous song and dance routines, playing their part to perfection, as all ensembles in every show I’ve seen adhere to.

The music and lyrics for this show are also fabulous, with loads of songs known by almost everyone in the theatre. Credit to the Orchestra in the pit for supplying the music, again to perfection, to allow this brilliant musical to take shape. I would say that a week is not long enough for a show of this stature, a two week run would have been brilliant for me, so I could marvel at the musical again next week, but at least I get to see it twice while it’s here.

The show has everything, it’s funny, it’s sad, it’s timeless and it’s brilliant. I must admit to having tears in my eyes for most of the performance (as usual), it’s getting a bit embarrassing, seeing a grown man cry at shows, but when it’s this good it takes you along with it, giving you a truly wonderful experience in theatrical magic. Yet another totally amazing show to add to my growing list.

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