Jane Eyre.

Saturday 1st July 2017, and another glorious day here in Cardiff Bay, where I’m back to watch two performances of ‘Jane Eyre’ at the Millenium Centre.  Another play I have yet to see, I don’t think I’ve even watched a television adaptation of the ‘Charlotte Bronte’ book. So today is going to be brand new, with a chance to broaden my literary works, and witness something completely different to my usual viewing habits. I must also admit that I’ve been looking forward to this play for a while, I’ve read good reports on its tour so far.

Firstly may I say, Oh my god, I was not expecting that, what an absolutely magnificent production. I was hooked from the very start, and had tears in my eyes constantly. So beautifully done and extremely powerful, with some stunning background music live on stage,along with the amazing voice of Melanie Marshall, yet again another fabulous voice filling this brilliant auditorium.

Nadia Clifford is just brilliant as Jane, with Tim Delap as Rochester, both have great back up from all the cast, and a special mention to Paul Mundell as Pilot (Rochester’s dog), playing his part brilliantly. With the show over 3 hours long I never lost interest for 1 second, as the cast and musicians on stage, held me, stuck to my seat for the whole show, totally engrossed in the proceedings. Also the way the cast worked for each other, supplying props and just supporting through the show, for me that really made the show so immense.

The adaptation is incredible, with a great set and lighting, bringing the whole show to life, combining with great and believable sound effects, this is one of the best plays I think I’ve ever seen. Credit must go to the National Theatre, whose plays just get better and better.  With War Horse touring again next year this is another show I really can’t wait to see. Such a fabulous show and I so enjoyed both performances, really made my Saturday come to life. 

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