Out of Order.

The weekend is back around, with two shows on the go today, Saturday 20th May 2017. First up, this afternoon is the comedy play ‘Out of Order’ at the New Theatre in Cardiff. Written by Ray Cooney, this play has a host of well known tv actors within it, including Shaun Williamson (Barry in Eastenders), Sue Holderness (Marlene in only fools and horses), Andrew Hall, Susie Amy and Arthur Bostrom (the inept gendarme in ‘Allo Allo’) to name but a few.

The play, set in a fictional hotel room, and of course, being a comical farce, anything could happen. And as you’ve guessed it, it does. Extremely funny, plenty of innuendo, and brought up to date with reference to current affairs, as the story centres around a junior minister, and his affair with a secretary from the opposite party.

The comedy acting and timing is really good throughout, with so many funny scenes, and may I say James Holmes is fabulous as the aged waiter. In fact very impressed with the whole cast.  British comedy has always been the best, in my opinion, and as the play builds, we see why. With cast members husbands and wives appearing all over the place, just to put a damper on any misleading plans the lead cast had of ‘getting away’ with any credit at all, then this play is perfect. Brilliantly written to cause extreme laughter from any audience, that watches, this becomes a masterpiece  of comedy. 

A perfect start to the days theatre going experience, I could watch this again, very easily, and look forward to a few more fabulous British comedy’s due to tour in the next few years.

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