Die Fledermaus.

The second show of the day is at the Millenium Centre here in Cardiff Bay, with the Welsh National Opera’s  current production of this summer’s season, ‘Die Fledermaus’, from Johan Strauss II. Tonight’s opera, stars one of the greatest voices in world opera at the moment, the Amazing vocal talent of  Mary Elizabeth Williams. It’s brilliant to see her back with the WNO for another season, listening to her sing is heaven to the eardrums. 

The WNO never fail to put on a good show, on everything they do, so tonight should be another belting performance. Tomas Hanus comes in as the new Musical Director of the company and will also make his debut as tonight’s conductor of the fabulous WNO orchestra. 

Tonight has been an incredible comic operatic masterpiece, with some wonderful voices on show. Rhian Lois (Adele), Mark Stone (Eisenstein), Alfred (Paul Charles Clarke), Ben Mcateer (dr Falke), Emma Carrington (Prince Orlofsky) and of course the magnificent Mary Elizabeth Williams (Rosalinde). Not forgetting a special mention to Steve Speirs for his brilliant comic routine in act three, and the WNO Chorus, who, as usual, were superb. 

I have to say the set and lighting were excellent, along with the costumes. Such a joy to sit and watch this performance unfold in front of your very eyes. This Opera is definitely one to watch again and again, so, hopefully I will be back at a later date, for more. 

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